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News from Spain

The International Life Saving Federation is happy to inform its members that on May 31st, Mrs. Isabel García, President of the Royal Spanish Lifesaving Federation, has been elected Vice-President of the Spanish National Olympic Committee (COE) for the 2017-2021 period.

Mrs. Isabel Garcia is born in Palencia (Spain) and became President of the Spanish Lifesaving Federation in 2004. She became member of the Board of Directors of the European Board of Directors in 2006 and Member of the ILS Board of Director in 2008. As a President, she has developed lifesaving education in Spain as well as lifesaving sport. She is the driving force behind the action “stop ahogados” (translated 'stop drowning').

Mrs. Isabel García herewith becomes the first woman for this position in the COE. She was unanimously elected by the Presidents of non-Olympic sports federations who are members of the General Assembly of the COE. She will represent the non-Olympic sports within the COE and her main goals will be to promotion the non-Olympic sports and disciplines and very specially work for Lifesaving to become a sport included in the programmes of the Summer Olympic Games and the Youth Olympic Games.