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European Lifesaving Championships 2017

The European Lifesaving Championships 2017 will take place in Belgium, Germany and Spain.

European Lifesaving Championships for Masters
hosted by ILSE Member RFESS will take place in Alicante, Spain. The programme:

  • Wednesday 24th May – Arrivals/Training
  • Thursday 25th May – Opening Ceremony/Pool competition
  • Friday 26th May – Pool competition
  • Saturday 27th May – Ocean competition
  • Sunday 28th May – Ocean competition and Closing Ceremony
  • Monday 29th May – Departures

The website for registrations etc.:

European Lifesaving Championships for National Team Open and National Teams Youth
will take place in Ostend/Bruges, Belgium, hosted by ILSE Member BLSF with the following programme:

  • Sunday 3rd September – Arrivals
  • Monday 4th September – Arrivals/Training, Opening Ceremony, SERC for both Open and Youth
  • Tuesday 5th September – Pool Competition (no B Finals will be run)
  • Wednesday 6th September – Pool Competition (no B Finals will be run)
  • Thursday 7th September – Ocean Training, Ocean Competition from 1.00pm onwards
  • Friday 8th September – Ocean Competition
  • Saturday 9th September – Ocean Competition, Closing Ceremony
  • Sunday 10th September – Departures

The website for registrations etc. is now open

The European Lifesaving Championships for IRB
will take place in Scharbeutz, Germany, hosted by DLRG. The following programme is proposed:

  • Thursday 14th September – Arrivals
  • Friday 15th September – Arrivals and Training
  • Saturday 16th September – IRB Competition and Closing Party
  • Sunday 17th September – Departures

Only IRB Rescue Event, IRB Mass Rescue Event and IRB Rescue Tube Event are held at the one day competition.

At the website detailed information will be published soon.