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International Medical-Rescue Conference 1997

The first ILS World Conference took place in 1997 in San Diego - USA.

The Conference was called the ILS International Medical-Rescue Conference. It was organized by B. Chris Brewster, President, ILS Americas Region and Dr. Peter Wernicki, M.D., member ILS Medical Commission.


All Abstracts can be found here.

The Conference Papers were archived in the ILS Library by author, year, event. They can also be found underneath.

006 Treatment of Hypothermia - Medical care by the Rescuer, Transport Personnel and Hospital
Aström, H.
008 Nearshore Search Procedures
Bass, B.D.
015 Aquatic Spinal Cord Injury -- Canadian Point of View
Beerman, S.B.
018 Facts and Figures about Drowning - Data from the Netherlands
Bierens, J.J.L.M.
024 “Who Drowns in the United States?”
Branche, C.
033 Lifeguard Skin Cancer Protection - An Approach to Protecting Health and Promoting Image
Brewster, C.B.
040 Special Rescue Teams - Cliff Rescue
Buchanan, G.
046 Spinal injury management in surf: Is there a better way?
DeMers, G.
057 Communicable Disease Avoidance for Lifeguards
Dobbins, J.G.
065 Recreational Diving Accidents - Physiology and Statistical Indicators
Dovenbarger, J.
072 Awareness, Prevention and Treatment of world-wide marine stings and bites
Fenner, P.
084 Immersion Victim Search Length
Golden, F.
092 Beach Signage: A Perspective from Paradise
Goto, R.S.
098 Helicopter Sea Rescue in Rio de Janeiro
Goulart, P.R.M.
107 Flood/River Rescue - Special Rescue Teams
Greenhalgh, J.R.
115 Rescue and Resuscitation in the South African Surf Zone: Efficacy of the South African Lifesaver and Current Challenges.
Hagemann, G.
120 Single rescuer adult basic life support
Handley, A.J.
131 Emergency Oxygen Use by Lifeguards: Making a Case
Horewitz, G.
142 Spinal Injuries Extrication - The Australian Perspective
Leahy, S.J.
151 Therapeutic Use of Oxygen by Australian Lifesavers
Mackie, I.
154 Staying Afloat: Within-Group Swimming Proficiency for Whites and Blacks
Mael, F.
167 The Drowning Process and Lifeguard Intervention
Modell, J.H.
175 Worldwide Dangerous Beaches Survey
Nietschmann, B.Q.
194 Near-Drowning
Orlowski, J.
216 Reflections On Element #1 of Effective Surveillance: Water Crisis Recognition Training
Pia, F.
227 Recognition and observation of potential rescue victims in an open water environment
Richardson, W.J.
237 Australian Beach Safety & Management Program
Short, A.D.
247 Scuba Diving Illness - Treatment and Transport by the Lifeguard
Stonier, J.C.
253 Triage of Near-Drowning Victims
Szpilman, D.
265 Health Risks Associated with Swimming in Beach Areas Contaminated by Urban Runoff
Wang, Gyu
272 Lifeguarding: The Sport, the Profession, the Hazards
Wernicki, P.G.
281 Offshore Rescue Procedures
Wienburg, I.