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2011 World Conference on Drowning Prevention

Tuesday, 10 May, 2011 to Friday, 13 May, 2011

The 2011 World Conference on Drowning Prevention will take place in Danang in Vietnam from 17 to 21 May 2011.

Danang is Vietnam's third-largest city (population 747,100) situated in the central region between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Encircled with world cultural heritage sites in Hue and Hoi An (My Son), Danang serves as the economic hub between the north and the south.

In Danang, drowning is the leading cause of child injury death after infancy, and eliminating it as a public health issue would reduce overall child mortality by a full 50%. Participants at 2011 World Conference on Drowning Prevention will experience firsthand the achievement of this goal through a diverse range of lifesaving and drowning prevention related strategies.

The conference will take place in the Furama Resort Danang â€" International Convention Palace. The 2,500 square metre convention centre has the largest conference hall in Central Vietnam.

The Conference Centre is set in its own expansive private grounds in the Furama Resort and is equipped with the most up-to-date communication technologies for international conferences and meetings such as high speed internet access, audio
visual systems and modern translation equipment.

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