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Date Event
24/08/2012 ILSE General Assembly
24/08/2012 Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships (CSLC)
17/08/2012 2012 Australian Pool Rescue Championships
16/08/2012 European Championships for Juniors
25/07/2012 The 28th All-Women Lifeguard Tournament
23/07/2012 3rd International Conference on Sport and Society
20/07/2012 International DLRG Cup
15/07/2012 Rescue Nazionale 2012
05/06/2012 Emergency Lifecycle Management - The International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS)
04/06/2012 IMRF Mass Rescue Conference
01/06/2012 Canadian National Pool Lifesaving Championships
01/06/2012 The End of Drowning World Conference for Swimming and SCOBA Instructors
29/05/2012 Adaptation Futures – 2012 International Conference on Climate Adaptation
25/05/2012 ARENA Rescue
20/05/2012 SportAccord Convention 2012
11/05/2012 ILSE Board Meeting
09/05/2012 International Aquatic History Symposium & Film Festival (IAHSFF)
26/04/2012 National Water Safety Seminar – RoSPA UK
25/04/2012 Lifesaving SA Stillwater National Championships
21/04/2012 Campionati Italiani Assoluti
19/04/2012 ILS Board of Directors Meeting 2012 (1st Session)
16/04/2012 "EARTH: FIRE AND RAIN" – 2012 Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference
11/04/2012 50th Anniversary of WOPR
09/04/2012 The Great Titan Lifesaving Sports Festival 2012
07/03/2012 National Drowning Prevention Alliance USA 2012 Annual Symposium
04/03/2012 2012 International Boating and Water Safety Summit
02/03/2012 Campionati Italiani di cat. R/J/S
02/03/2012 Grand prix Moravie
01/03/2012 ILSE Commission Meetings
01/03/2012 EU Partnership Seminar
22/01/2012 2012 National Interstate Championships
19/01/2012 EU Partnership Seminar
12/01/2012 RLSSA Australian Pool Life Saving Championships 2012
06/12/2011 Search and Rescue (SAR) Asia 2011
03/12/2011 Campionati Italiani Assoluti Invernali a Squadre
24/11/2011 Our Fatal Attraction New Zealand Water Safety Conference
24/11/2011 Business Social Responsibility and the Third Sector 7th International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) Asia Pacific Regional Conference
24/11/2011 21st International German Cup
06/11/2011 Open Dutch Championships: Pool Events
31/10/2011 Disaster Risk - Integrating Science and Practice - 2011 Conference of Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR)
26/10/2011 11th Brazilian Lifesaving Championship
26/10/2011 8th Southamerican - 10th Lifesaving Symposium Brazil
20/10/2011 Deutsche Meisterschaft im Rettungsschwimmen
07/10/2011 SLSA National Conference 2011
02/10/2011 European Inshore Rescue Boat Championships
27/09/2011 2011 Commonwealth Lifesaving Championships
24/09/2011 V International Congress of Lifesaving and Rescue 50th Anniversary of RFESS the Spanish Lifesaving Federation
22/09/2011 Lifesaving Research Conference - Hosted by the Lifesaving Foundation, Ireland
18/09/2011 IFPRA - Asia Pacific Congress
05/09/2011 CoastGIS 2011 - Marine and Coastal Spatial Planning: 10th International Symposium on GIS and Computer Cartography for Coastal Zone Management
28/08/2011 5th Asia Pacific Congress on Sports Technology
28/08/2011 World Leisure Organisation (WLO) Congress and Leisure Games
27/08/2011 Open Dutch Championships: Ocean Events
26/08/2011 Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships (CLSC)
25/08/2011 2nd World Maritime Congress
19/08/2011 German National Trials
14/08/2011 Resuscitation 2011 Implementation - European Resuscitation Council
13/08/2011 2011 Philippine Drowning Prevention Congress
12/08/2011 SLSA Australian Pool Rescue Championships
27/07/2011 27th NPS All-Women Lifeguard Tournament at Sandy Hook, N.J. (USA)