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Annual Meeting of ILSE Commissions

ILS Europe News - 27 January 2017 - 8:36am

The annual meetings of ILSE Commissions took place in Copenhagen, January 13th -15th, 2017.

The participants started with the annual Best Practice Seminar, topic this year:
‘National water safety plans’. Several participants informed about new created or proven systems of national water safety.

ILSE Commissions defined the goals and tasks for the new period of office.
Main topic of ILSE Sport Commission was the further preparation of European Life Saving Championships in 2017. Subject to the decision of ILSE Board of Director the agreed data are:

• May 2017 European Life Saving Championships for Masters,
hosted by RFESS (Spain)
• September 3 – 10 2017 European Life Saving Championships for National Teams and National Teams Youth, hosted by BLSF (Belgium)
• September 15 – 17 2017 European Life Saving Championships for IRBs, hosted by DLRG (Germany)

President of ILSE, Dr. Detlev thanked ILSE Member Danish Swimming Federation for the excellent organisation of the ILSE Meetings.

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